It’s an Unfair, Forced Assessment on New Home Buyers

Two neighboring houses could be virtually identical, yet have wildly different property taxes, with the newer neighbor paying significantly higher taxes simply because they bought their house more recently. That’s not fair.

And yet that is exactly what is happening in many Pennsylvania municipalities, due to spot assessments by local taxing districts. These districts are only spot assessing properties when they are sold, which means higher taxes for new residents.

It Targets Home Buyers to Pay Higher Taxes

While a recently sold home will be paying new higher taxes on a recent assessment, the house next door could be paying far lower taxes on an old assessment. And the worst part is, there’s often no way to tell if your new house will be reassessed, because the taxing districts don’t publish their criteria. Homebuyers don’t have the information they need when they buy.

It Discourages Home Sales

We shouldn’t be discouraging home sales by hiking up taxes on new homeowners. And it makes no sense to have homebuyers not knowing if their taxes will go up until after the transaction has been closed.

Contact your local leaders and tell them that these spot assessments are hurting our homeowners. It’s time for them to reassess the “Newcomer Tax.”